## Cinema Optix Hdx650

Cinema Optix Hdx650

Cinema Optix Hdx650


About Cinema Optix Hdx650:

For a family room type environment and 3D, while also great that the HDX650 claims plenty of lumens, it came up well short of claim. That still makes it rather bright in “best mode” but, it’s only slightly brighter than the average projector at its brightest, a far cry from the 4500 lumens claimed, which really would have been impressive. More on this later, let’s just say we would have loved to have seen something like 4500 hundred of those 4000 claimed, but almost 3600 lumens was it.
Give or take the cross talk and or any other artifacts, the 3D was pretty solid. I don’t see it being noticea

Features Cinema Optix Hdx650:

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